Dutch Girl in London

Writer and photographer of the Arts & Culture blog Dutch Girl in London. Initially the blog was a means to keep my family and friends back in the mother country informed about my obviously très cool life in the metropolitan, but by now it has grown into a successful website leading to editorial work, guest blogs, features in printed and online media and blog nominations. (I also excel in writing very long sentences!) Just a year after starting the blog, it was nominated for the UK Blog Awards and finished in the top 11 best arts & culture blogs nationwide in 2015. I write for the MasterCard Priceless Cities London program, collaborated with companies like airline KLM and wrote a London travel guide with my photos for the established Dutch flight comparison website Tix.nl.

London Tours

I give (predominantly) Dutch-spoken walking tours around East London, which is my favourite part of the city but is surprisingly not that well-known with tourists. Now my Dutch Girl in London website and East London tours have become quite popular, I also frequently receive requests to organise bespoke tours across London for both companies and individuals with themes varying from Harry Potter, street art, contemporary art and fashion and design. Here you find more information about my regular East London walking tours and bespoke London tours.

Travel Blog

Travelling has always been a passion of mine. I love to explore new places, learn the local history, meet new people, see local (street) art, discover the best places to eat and drink, and simply to have a great time and enjoy life. I’m lucky to join hubby and music composer Scanner on lots of his international trips. I started to feel an urge to create a space to document my travel adventures online with whomever might be interested in reading those. Unlike many of those glossy travel blogs and magazine out there, I want to feature destinations that are feasible for modest budgets. Since my Dutch Girl in London website predominantly focuses on London and art, I felt that that wasn’t the right place for my new plans. After a long deliberation, I decided to start a second website dedicated purely to travelling and named it Done That Been There, a joke not everyone understand I learn know, but who cares eh?


I studied English Literature & Translation Studies at Utrecht University (NL), followed by Business Communication & Digital Media at Tilburg University (NL).
I’m a self-employed editor/writer and project manager. I write and photograph for my website Dutch Girl in London, am the social media content manager for my Dutch Girl in London Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account and my Planet Street Art Facebook and Twitter account. As if all these accounts don’t confuse me enough already, I have now also started a third Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account for my Done That Been There travel blog. I sure know how to keep myself busy!
The little spare time I have left I spend on cooking, eating, dancing flamenco, reading and going to concerts, the cinema, theatre and museums.

If you want to know more about me and my services as editor/writer, project manager or social media editor, then contact me via email.


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