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In 2004 I made a road trip through West Canada and was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. This was not only my first road trip, but also my first time outside of Europe. Here I discovered my love for rugged landscapes, expansive clear blue lakes, powerful waterfalls and wildlife. I always considered myself to be a city girl, but as soon as I saw those snow capped mountains in real life and wild deer grazing along the road, I lost my heart to nature instead. I can still remember that......

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New York Captured
Photography, USA |
October 03, 2018

New York Captured

New York, the city that was once founded as a Dutch trading colony, and now several hundreds of years later, has grown into one of the world’s leading cities for...

Venice on Film
Italy, Photography |
March 13, 2017

Venice on Film

Venice, this glamorous and highly photogenic Italian city is most famous for its winding canals that form the throbbing heart of the city, extravagant millionaire yachts



I love city trips! Although I usually end up completely exhausted afterwards and needing a new holiday to recover, city trips are like micro holidays filled with culture, great food and exciting adventures. Follow me while I travel the world from A to Z, one letter a time! Click on the image on the left to view my city ABC. There you’ll find all the city trip articles I’ve written filled with many travel tips to inspire and help you during your own urban explorations. Enjoy!


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